About WashMetrix

We are Car Washers and Technology Veterans

About WashMetrix:

Built by Car Wash Owners, for Car Wash Owners

Established in 2021, WashMetrix stands as the forefront provider of data analytics software built for car wash operators. Our foundation rests on the commitment to equip car wash teams with critical data, enabling the streamlining of operations, elevation of financial performance, and informed decision-making.

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Our Journey

The Evolution of WashMetrix

WashMetrix originated from a belief by our Co-Founder Palmer, that software could perform the manual work-flows it takes to track true site profitability. From inception, we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to deliver software that eliminates the need for operators to manually lift a finger to uncover results. Our company is defined by constant innovation driven by customer feedback and an unwavering quest for excellence.

The Tri-Pod Behind WashMetrix

Industry Experts, Tech Enthusiasts, and Problem Solvers

Co-Founder & CEO

Rex Womble

Senior Director
CEO & Co-Founder
(Acquired by Quorum)
Regional Sales Director

Co-Founder & CTO

Chetan Chouhan

Senior Director, Product
CTO & Co-Founder
(Acquired by Quorum)
Manager IT Applications

Co-Founder & COO

Palmer Dean

COO & Co-Founder
IT Sales Director

What Drives Us at WashMetrix

Client Success Drives Our Achievement

Our Pledge to You

Our mission is to streamline and automate all processes that currently require car wash operators to invest extra time, effort, and tools in order to access the data they require.

Tailored Solution

WashMetrix is meticulously designed for the car wash industry's unique requirements.

Encompassing Capabilities

Through the integration of POS and Accounting systems, we provide an all-encompassing array of features designed to streamline operations and financial reporting. Our proactive approach ensures that data comes to you effortlessly.

Client-Focused Philosophy

At the core of our ethos lies a deep commitment to our customers. We attentively listen to your requirements, treasure your input, and persistently strive to surpass your anticipations.

Fostering Innovation and Ongoing Advancement

We firmly believe in the potential of innovation and perpetual enhancement. Our platform consistently receives updates infused with novel features and refinements, guaranteeing you perpetual access to the most advanced tools available.

How We View the Industry Today

WashMetrix becomes a DRB® Certified Interface Developer

WashMetrix becomes a DRB® Certified Interface Developer

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Multi-Sites, Multi-Data Challenges

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