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Increase productivity effortlessly by replacing manual workflows with intuitive analytics. Gain instant insights into operational and financial performance with just one click.

Goodbye Reports, Hello Data!

Effortlessly unify your POS, Accounting, and HRIS systems to access all your metrics conveniently displayed on a single, intuitive dashboard.

  • Centralized Metrics: Explore operational metrics across essential categories and locations, or combine them for a comprehensive grasp of your brands growth trajectory
  • Integrations: Connect effortlessly with your existing POS and Accounting platforms, including popular options like DRB, QuickBooks, SAGE, Sonny’s, and more
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Data for Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Align success from C-Suite to Site Management and everyone in between.

  • Optimized Access: Ensure everyone stays informed with personalized access across locations, and utilize MyWorkspace for streamlined data visualization of performance around the clock.

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More Than Just Software

WashMetrix: A versatile data-analytics solution for car wash operations and financial management, designed to cater to the requirements of brands of all sizes.

Our Dynamic Dashboard Unlocks Brand Potential

Let our Dynamic Dashboard deliver comprehensive data insights without any manual work-flows, freeing up time to focus on critical initiatives.

Integrated Systems to Eliminate Work-Flows

Empower all personas of the car wash to swiftly pinpoint inefficiencies, drive revenue growth, and reclaim precious hours in the day.

Transformative Power for All Roles

Unlimited users, each equipped with specific roles and permissions, empowered with comprehensive data insights to enable them to accomplish their tasks with full knowledge and efficiency.

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WashMetrix becomes a DRB® Certified Interface Developer

WashMetrix becomes a DRB® Certified Interface Developer

DALLAS, TX — WashMetrix, the industry-leading car wash analytics and business intelligence software company, is pleased to announce they are now a DRB Certified Int...

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December 4, 2023

Multi-Sites, Multi-Data Challenges

Multi-Sites, Multi-Data Challenges

by Rex Womble [...]

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Rex WombleRex Womble

January 25, 2024

The Case for Private Equity Investment in the Car Wash Industry

The Case for Private Equity Investment in the Car Wash Industry

Pass a Starbucks, and you want a cup of coffee, right? So if you pass a car wash, will your car suddenly seem dirty to you? That’s what a growing number of car wash ope...

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Rex WombleRex Womble

June 30, 2023

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Unleash the Power of Data with WashMetrix. Elevate your car wash operations, amplify financial performance, and empower yourself to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.