One Dashboard, All Your Systems

Comprehensive Data Analytics for Car Wash Operators

Connect your data from point of sale, accounting, and HRIS systems to unveil authentic operational and financial insights unlike ever before. Effortlessly streamline operations, elevate financial performance, and embrace data-driven decision-making through the power of WashMetrix.

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Drive Profitability

Built for Car Wash Owners

WashMetrix serves as a dedicated business intelligence software meticulously crafted to enhance both financial and operational performance for car wash operators.

Address Challenges & Support Decisions

With a comprehensive, unified dashboard offering a 360-degree view of your data, we equip you to make informed decisions that fuel substantial growth and drive profitability.

Key Features of WashMetrix

Unified POS, Accounting, & HRIS Systems

Discover the array of capabilities embedded within WashMetrix to optimize your operational efficiency. Our unified dashboard and calculation framework simplify transactions thus eliminating manual arithmetic, while our accounting module offers a transparent portrayal of your financial well-being from P&L analysis to costs per car, drilled down to the individual site level.

Engage with Our Dynamic Dashboard

The WashMetrix dynamic dashboard is expertly designed to simplify the critical metrics that power your car wash business. This ensures that data is presented in a user-friendly format, making it easily understandable for individuals at every level of your car wash brand. The dashboard goes the extra mile by providing both operational and financial data, all without the need for laborious report generation or manual calculations. With our proactive data approach, combined with the ability to explore in-depth insights and export data, users can effectively manage every aspect of their business, eliminating manual disruptions that often result in data delays and suboptimal decision-making. We firmly believe in a "need-to-know" principle, allowing users to access only the information granted by their specific roles and permissions.

Seamlessly Integrated POS & Accounting Systems

WashMetrix seamlessly integrates with a wide range of car wash point-of-sale, accounting, and HRIS systems, providing users with instant access to visualize, monitor, and track car wash performance all within a single platform. This eliminates the need for manual report generation, spreadsheet creation, or labor-intensive processes to monitor operational and financial outcomes. Our software updates continuously in near real-time, capturing all transactional data and entries from your internal systems, ensuring a comprehensive view of your financial and operational metrics. By centralizing your POS, financial, and HRIS systems, you can effortlessly oversee performance, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance your profitability. This remains true even if your organization uses multiple POS systems across various locations.

Efficient Site Grouping & Robust Modules

WashMetrix offers an intuitive site grouping and modular system, allowing you to easily transition between key categories like sales, labor, memberships, and accounting, as well as seamlessly switch between different locations or groups of locations. Each category comes equipped with tiles and instant calculations that keep a close watch on vital KPI data that is essential for both operational and financial performance. Our platform incorporates industry-standard calculations, saving users hours of precious time that would otherwise be spent running reports and doing manual calculations to track profitability.

Optimizing Operations in the Field or the Back-Office

WashMetrix is revolutionizing the car wash industry by providing operations teams with invaluable data insights essential for daily success. Our platform offers real-time, historical, and in-depth insights across all your sites, enabling comprehensive analysis, visualization, and operational optimization. You can effortlessly track site performance and contributions to your organization with a single touch of the screen or click of the mouse.

How WashMetrix Enhances Car Wash Performance

Unifying all disconnected systems to give operators a 360-degree view of performance in one, intuitive dashboard.

Raw Data Consolidation

WashMetrix seamlessly integrates raw data from diverse sources to provide the full picture of brand performance.

Data Normalization

We normalize data to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Industry Standard KPI Calculation

Our calculation layer does the hard work for you and presents stunning visuals of KPI's, saving car wash operators hours of time, money, and focus.

Comprehensive Dashboard Perspective

Our dashboard delivers a complete 360-degree view of operations and financial performance across POS, accounting, and HRIS systems when you need it, wherever you are.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Car Wash Operations?

Tired of running reports, aggregating P&L's, and doing manual arithmetic to uncover true car wash profitability? Embrace WashMetrix now and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.