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The first purpose-built data analytics platform that unifies car wash POS and financial systems to track profitability.

What is WashMetrix?

WashMetrix is the first purpose-built data analytics tool for the car wash industry. WashMetrix platform aggregates raw transactions at the unit level across any POS systems (DRB, Sonny’s, Micrologic, ICS) and syncs with accounting systems (QuickBooks, SAGE, etc.) to allow customers to effortlessly track performance and profitability in real time. Until now, the only way to manage your car wash performance was by running reports in the POS system and manual calculations. Tracking unit level economics from site level and brand level has been a manual, time consuming and tedious process that falls on the shoulders of car wash teams and ownership groups. If you think about it, what is the point of a POS report that is filled with stale data and doesn’t take into account your P&L actuals? It’s 2023, shouldn’t you be able to view site/brand performance from your device with the click of a button? If the answer is yes, then WashMetrix is for you.

Managing unit level car wash performance is broken.

WashMetrix was designed by car wash operators for car wash operators. This means the system is driven by what actually matters to the operator, not pre-formulated report options confined by manufacturers and POS companies selling the same reports since the ’90’s. WashMetrix was built from the lens of the operator and actively listens to customers needs.
WashMetrix does not take pre-populated reports from the POS and simply pull them in to our system. Our software takes the raw transactions that happen at the kiosk, allowing for a broader range of purpose built KPI’s based on those transactions with hefty detail in our drillable and functional analysis of each tile. The days of netting operational statistics against financial’s to get clear pictures of your wash brand are over. WashMetrix automates the raw data collection and aggregation across POS & Accounting systems by utilizing connections in to both platforms. This enables owners and operators of all sizes (1-500+ sites) the ability to drill into op’s and accounting insights with the click of a button thus eliminating the need to run reports across systems and do the manual calculations it takes to uncover/track profitability.
We’ve seen so much change in such little time across our great industry and we believe the threat of inaccurate data and processes has done enough harm already. The focus as an operator should be on washing cars, building successful teams, scaling sites, and giving the customer every reason possible to continue washing with your brand.

We’re just getting started and hope you will join us on our mission to optimize car wash performance from site management to the c-suite.


WashMetrix Team

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